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Xbox One: Fortnite, one of the first to offer it
The celebration of the XO18 event in Mexico has served to prepare Microsoft for the immediate future of the Xbox One. Among the novelties, one outstanding: keyboard and mouse support will finally reach all audiences this week. Several will be the games that offer the mouse and keyboard as... Read more
Microsoft and the transversal bet for the gaming: Xbox Game Pass, the “Netflix of the videojuegos”, will arrive at the PC
They were already taking. Xbox Game Pass has been one of the most striking business ideas in the video game industry in recent times, and although it was not entirely new, its arrival on the Xbox One has made it clear that this “Netflix of video games” created Microsoft... Read more
The controversy shakes Intel again: the benchmarks of the new Core i9-9900K were deceptive
This week Intel introduced its new Intel Core 9-generation processors for desktops, and the bet was clear: enhance gaming. This launching has generated a great controversy, because the results of the official tests that compared the Core i9-9900K with the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X had been made under conditions... Read more
Galaxy Book2: Samsung launches the Snapdragon 850 in its new convertible notebook that seeks to compete against the Surface Pro
More than a year ago, Samsung decided to expand its Galaxy range towards the tablet / laptop hybrids also known as convertibles. That first bet with the Galaxy Book turned out to be an interesting approach when having a portable device with Windows operating system and Intel processor. Today... Read more
Appear the supposed first images of a Nintendo 64 mini, which would be the next Nintendo retro console
In 2016 the NES mini appeared by surprise, a blow of nostalgia that even Nintendo did not expect. In 2017, after that success, other companies joined the fashion of retro consoles, in fact, the same Nintendo sought to repeat the feat with the launch of the SNES mini. And... Read more
New Razer Blade 15: double hard drive and graphics GTX 1070 Max-Q in only 2 kg of weight
Razer will release its new Razer Blade 15 gaming notebook this October. The renewed models opt for a double SSD + mechanical hard drive and above all a design that is far from the dimensions, weight and extravagance of some gaming lines. Datasheet of the new Razer Blade 15... Read more
Honor MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15 arrive in Europe: price and availability
Last November 2019, those responsible for Honor presented their new Honor MagicBook 2 of 14 and 15 inches in China , two mid-range laptops with a balanced bet on price and performance . Now those teams arrive in several European countries with a slight name change. They will be called Honor MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15 ,... Read more
The Spanish FX Interactive gives a free game a week to make the quarantine more enjoyable: ‘Imperium 2’ is the first
There is much free or reduced content , board games and titles for consoles that we have at our entire disposal to kill boredom during these days of seclusion. It goes on for a long time, so any content that helps to cope with your stay at home is always welcome. Precisely for this reason we are... Read more
OnePlus confirms that its next smartphone will arrive with a screen of 120 Hz with a “touch refresh rate” of 240 Hz
Everything indicates that the first smartphone trends for this year will focus on screens , which will range from flexible panels to those with increases in refreshment rates. Today we have already seen some models on the market and a few manufacturers who have already raised their hands to show their innovations this year. The most recent... Read more
Why SSD drives change everything on Xbox Series X and PS5: video game developers are excited
The appearance of the technical details of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X has made it clear that we have before us a generation of consoles with unusual power at the level of CPU and GPU , but that fact may be in the background before another that raises the true revolution. These are... Read more