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The United States is considering limiting the use of US chip-making equipment to companies that produce for Huawei, according to WSJ.
After renewing the Huawei veto exemption a few days ago , the Trump administration is planning a new trade restriction for China, as the Wall Street Journal exclusively reports . According to the media, this new measure would aim to “cut Chinese access to key semiconductor technology” by limiting the use of US chip-making equipment . As far... Read more
Three essential improvements to update your PC from 4 years ago for little money in 2020
Tempus fugit . Time flies, and in technology it does even more : that desktop PC that you bought yourself two, three or four years ago may now be beginning to hobble. What seemed like a great setup some time ago probably isn’t so much now, but luckily the rapid evolution of technology... Read more
When sound cards dominated the world
In the 80s, microcomputing began to conquer us visually. It was different in the field of audio, and neither 8-bit computers nor the first PCs could do much more than make sad beeps . Computers like the Amiga or Atari ST changed that picture, but the PC world continued to ignore it... Read more
AMD Ryzen Mobile 4000: this is the microprocessors with which AMD wants to dominate the laptop market
AMD’s new microprocessors for laptops are just around the corner. In the middle of last February we had the opportunity to participate in a conference at the headquarters of this company in Austin (Texas) to learn first-hand what the Ryzen Mobile 4000 family promises us . And, first and... Read more
MIT develops a technique to defend us from Meltdown and Specter, and explains it to the ‘Master Chef’
The chaos unleashed by Meltdown and Specter earlier this year has had a huge impact on both Intel processors and other processors and products and services manufacturers that use those processors. The situation has improved, but even the Intel processors launched in recent days still lack a complete and... Read more
Samsung is the first manufacturer to start the production of 7nm chips with the new extreme ultraviolet technology (EUV)
Samsung has just taken a major leap with respect to the development and manufacture of microprocessors, as the company reported that they have started with the large-scale production of the first 7nm chips manufactured under the process of ‘extreme ultraviolet lithography’, also known as EUV or EUVL (Extreme Ultra... Read more
The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB of GDDR5X memory is the answer to the AMD Radeon RX 590
The launch of the GeForce RTX 20 family of NVIDIA has not meant the total abandonment of the previous series of graphics cards from this manufacturer, and in fact just presented the GTX 1060 with 6 GB of GDDR5X memory. This is the fourth version of this model that... Read more
Google defends that it has reached “quantum supremacy”, but it is not clear that it is so: what it is and why it is important
Gil Kalai is not the only researcher who defends the impossibility of achieving quantum supremacy , but he is one of those who do so with more vehemence. This renowned Israeli mathematician who teaches at Yale ensures that we will never achieve this achievement because as the number of states of a... Read more
SSD units cheaper and with more capacity: this is the PLC technology that brings many advantages (and a great disadvantage)
The SSDs have revolutionized the storage segment, and have become their own right in one of the best ways to revitalize any PC or laptop. Its evolution is constant, and now a new technology appears that promises many advantages and, of course, a notable disadvantage. That technology is none other than PLC (Penta... Read more
A SoC is not (just) a CPU: clarifying the differences between the two concepts
We often engage in technological debates without taking into account that the terms we use can be the source of some confusion, and it is always good to return to the principles and clearly establish what certain terms we use very often mean. This is the case of the terms SoC and... Read more